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About HStudio

H. Studio was started in 1991 by the artist Shlomi Haziza and has built an international reputation for the innovation of its designs, the quality of its work, and the incredible range of products it offers. At H. Studio, there is always something new and exciting in development and the diversity of designs produced by the studio has grown to include sculptures, pedestals, waterfalls, fashion, accessories, furniture, paintings, lighting, and wall sculptures, as well as multiple collections of elegant, contemporary wool rugs.
What makes H. Studio unique is the attention paid to researching and discovering new applications for acrylic; the superior craftsmanship and art gallery-quality of our work; our commitment to service; and our ability to create custom and one-of-a-kind pieces for any purpose or occasion. Any size, any shape, any color--enhance your art, furniture, and rug collections by choosing the exact colors, materials, or upholstery options that fit your decor, lifestyle, and attitude.
About Haziza

Think bold. Create artistically. Live Passionately.
Haziza encompasses all of these emotions and ideas. We attempt to integrate style, color, and love of beautiful design into our world and yours.
Haziza is composed entirely of master artist Shlomi Haziza's work. He brings vision and design to life with his striking sculptures and contemporary pieces of functional art. His distinctive style can be appreciated in his ever-evolving collection of art, furniture, accessories and fashion.
At any of our showrooms, you will be greeted with color, movement, music, and a knowledgeable staff of design consultants. Our world is filled with activity, whether it is an artist signing or one of many parties and events to celebrate life.
Custom designs are welcomed and can be masterfully executed to your exclusive specifications.
About Shoppingart

Shoppingart provides art enthusiasts a broad range of highly distinctive content, Internet technology and services to deliver relevant results faster and to create a more satisfying Internet experience.
Everything from graphic and web design to website hosting, Shoppingart can bring your business to the Internet.
About Shlomi Haziza - Artist and Founder

Dedication to our Customers
Very simply, we provide the level of customer service we would like to receive ourselves; maximum attention, minimum errors.

Our staff is trained to answer your questions and assist you in everything from artistic consultation to shipping information.

HStudio makes every effort to eliminate discrepancies in order entry, production or shipping. We are especially capable of providing fast turn-around time on rush orders, for prompt delivery worldwide.

And we uphold the quality of our work from start to finish. Your piece will arrive in perfect condition. Right on time.

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