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For Immediate Release
Contact: Ellen McAlister
T: 800.242.8992 x 113
Haziza Contributes to Worthy Charities
Haziza is pleased to have contributed sculptures for silent auctions to several worthy local charities including Round Meadow Elementary School, Couples Against Leukemia, and Parents Against Leukemia.

Haziza has always supported philanthropic causes and has made many donations to charities like the American Heart Association, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, Tobinworld, Bigger than Life, and many more.

HazizaTM is composed entirely of master artist Shlomi Hazizas work. He brings vision and design to life with his striking sculptures and contemporary pieces of functional art. His distinctive style can be appreciated in his ever-evolving collection of art, furniture, accessories and fashion.

Please call us at 800.242.8992 to lean more about Haziza or visit www.haziza.com to view our complete collection of stunning acrylic sculptures, pedestals, furniture, waterfalls, lighting, rugs and more.
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